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                                        May, 2004


    (1) 2004 Resource Guide of Summer Opportunities for Minority University Students
    (2) SAT and ACT Scores by Race/Ethnicity: 2003
    (3) Law School Links (and Next Forum News)
    (4) Grade Tampering at Southern University Going Back to 1995
    (5) Target All-Around Scholarships (High School and College Students)
    (6) National Peace Essay Contest: 2004-2005
    (7) Xavier University: Whatever Happened to the Class of 2003?

             2004 Resource Guide of Summer Opportunities
                          For Minority University Students

    Black Excel is re-posting this excellent resource due to overwhelming email and snail mail help requests.  Go to

              SAT and ACT Scores by Race/Ethnicity: 2003

    Ethnic Group  (Math/Verbal+total)

    • American Indian---482/480 (962)
    • Asian American-----575/508 (1083)
    • African American-----426/431 (857)
    • Puerto Rican----457/448 (905)
    • Other Hispanic----464/457 (921)
    • White-----534/529 (1063)
    • Other ----513/501 (1014)

    Average ACT Composite Score by Race/Ethnicity, 2003

    • African American ----16.9
    • American Indian---18.7
    • Caucasian---- 21.7
    • Mexican American----18.3
    • Asian American---- 21.8
    • Hispanic----19.0
    • Other ----19.3
    • Multiracial-----20.9
    • Prefer Not to Respond -----21.8
    • No Response-----20.1


    Quote from attached SAT/ACT article:

    "Readiness for college science and math coursework was particularly low among African American students. Only 5 percent of African American test-takers scored at or above the college-readiness benchmark for college biology, and just 10 percent attained the readiness benchmark for college algebra. Ferguson said Black students were less likely than others to take tough, college-prep courses and "often don't receive the information and guidance they need to properly
    plan for college."

    For overview and more info, go to:

               Law School Links (and Next Forum news)

    Here are links to all US and Canadian law schools, including Harvard, Yale, Howard, Boston University and 100+ other schools.

    Next law school forum in Washington, DC:

    Saturday, July 31
    10 A.M.-5 P.M.
    Marriott Wardman Park Hotel
    2660 Woodley Road, NW

               Grade Tampering at Southern University
                                 Going Back to 1995

    On March 31, 2004, Chancellor Edward Jackson of HBCU Southern University at Baton Rouge reported the findings of an internal audit and investigation. It was found that the grades and other academic records of some students had been improperly assigned and/or altered. The tam- pering occurred between the years 1995 and 2003, with 541 current and former students being implicated in the scheme.

    Jackson announced that some credits and degrees might be revoked.  Allegedly, an assistant registrar who had worked at the school for some time had taken money to make grade changes. Students who have been implicated will be called before a panel of administrators and faculty for a due-process hearing. It appears that some students might have their degrees revoked, and some might even face criminal charges.

    The grade-tampering scheme was revealed when a former student  enrolled in a graduate class and produced credentials that showed she had earned a bachelor's degree, when she had not. When her questionable credentials were reviewed, they were turned over to university auditors who discovered the wider irregularities.

    For more info, go to

                       Target All-Around Scholarships
                   (High School and College Students)

    High school seniors and current college students age 24 and under who are now or will be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate study during the 2004-2005 school year are eligible to apply. Selection is based on volunteer service, leadership and your GPA. Deadline: Nov. 1, 2004. Amounts: $1,000 & $10,000   To download an application go to:

               National Peace Essay Contest: 2004-2005

    This contest is open to students in grades 9-12 attending high school in the 50 states, District of Columbia and U.S. territories, including those attending school overseas The awards will be from $1000 to $10,000 to students from all states. An essay must be submitted. The deadline is February 2, 2005. For an application and extra info go to:

                  Xavier University: Whatever Happened
                                To the Class of 2003?

    Once again, this HBCU makes Black Excel nod with approval. This university always tries to let us know what is happening in regard to their programs, students, and graduates.  This year, it's not any different from in the past. In 2003, 454 students graduated from Xavier's College of Arts and Sciences.  As of December 2003, here is what the school reports at its website. This is only a partial listing.

    208 (45.8%) entered Graduate/Professional Schools:

    • 64 entered Graduate School
    • 53 entered Medical School
    • 18 entered Public Health School
    • 18 entered Post-Baccalaureate Programs
    • 16 entered Dental Schools
    • 9 entered Business Schools
    • 7 entered Law Schools
    • 7 entered Pharmacy Schools
    • 4 entered Optometry Schools

    - 96 (21.1%) were working or in other types of school.
    - 48 were doing research or working in their fields of study.
    - 150 (33%) did not respond to the inquiries.

    The key is that this school and its administrators are always giving us an overview and inside look. It's encouraging news! For the info, the pdf file is at:

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