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                                        July, 2003

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    (1) The Shocking Black Female/Male Enrollment Percentages at  HBCUs: 2003 Update
    (2) Black Men in Prison? Black Men in College? More Bad News
    (3) Scholarship Basics: Black Excel Offers a Major Tip
    (4) 100-Plus Minority Scholarship List Created by Black Excel
    (5) Praise For Black Excel (A Sampling)

            The Shocking Black Female/Male Enrollment
                    Percentages at HBCUs: 2003 Update

    A sampling of HBCUs. The statistics are from the 2001-2002 period.

    Howard University (DC)---Females (65%), Males (35%)
    Clark Atlanta University (GA) ---Females (71%), Males (29%)
    Hampton University (VA) --- Females (62%), Males (38%)
    Florida A&M U. (FL) ---Females (56%), Males (44%)
    North Carolina A&T U. (NC) --Females (52%), Males (48%)
    Fisk University (TN)---Females (70%), Males (30%)
    Tuskegee University (AL)--Females (58%), Males (48%)
    Morgan State U. (MD)--Females (59%), Males (41%)
    LeMoyne-Owen Coll. (TN)---Females (70%), Males (30%)
    Tennessee State U. (TN)---Females (62%), Males (38%)
    Xavier University (LA) ---Females (73%), Males (27%)
    Dillard University (LA)--Females (77%), Males (23%)
    Southern U.(New Orleans-LA)--Females (68%), Males (28%)
    Southern U. & A&M Coll (LA)--Females (59%), Males (41%)
    Grambling State U. (LA)--Females (57%), Males (43%)
    Virginia State U. (VA)--Females (56%), Males (44%)
    South Carolina State (SC)--Females (58%), Males (42%)
    Voorees College (SC)--Females (67%), Male (33%)
    Lincoln University (PA)--Females (60%), Male (40%)
    Cheyney U. of PENN (PA)--Females (55%), Males (45%)
    Shaw University (NC)--Females (67%), Males (33%)
    Johnson C. Smith U. (NC)--Females (58%), Males (42%)
    St. Augustine's Coll. (NC)--Females (59%), Males (49%)
    Winston-Salem State U. (NC)--Females (68%), Males (32%)
    Alabama State U. (AL)--Females (58%), Male (42%)
    Oakwood College (AL)--Females (57%), Male (43%)
    Miles College (AL)--Females (58%), Male (42%)
    Stillman College (AL)--Females (54%), Male (46%)
    Talladega College (AL)--Females (64%), Male (36%)
    Philander Smith Coll. (AR)--Females (64%), Males (34%)
    U. Arkansas-Pine Bluff (AR)--Females (56%), Males (44%)
    Albany State U. (GA)--Females (67%), Males (33%)
    Benedict College (SC)--Females (50%), Males (50%)
    Claflin University (SC)--Females (65%), Males (35%)
    Morris College (SC)--Females (64%), Males (36%)
    Paine College (GA)--Females (71%), Males (29%)
    Central State U. (OH)--Females (54%), Males (46%)
    Bethune-Cookman C. (FL)--Females (58%), Males (42%)
    Edward Waters C. (FL)---Females (49%), Males (51%)
    Morris Brown C. (GA)---Females (57%), Males (43%)
    Coppin State Coll. (MD)--Females (75%), Males (25%)
    St. Paul's College (VA)--Females (63%), Males (37%)
    Lane College (TN)---Females (52%), Males (48%)
    Alabama A&M U. (AL)--Females (53%), Male (47%)
    Fort Valley State U. (GA) ---Females (56%), Male (44%)
    Texas Southern U. (TX)--Females (55%), Male (45%)
    Jarvis Christian Coll. (TX)--Females (58%), Males (42%)
    Prairie View A&M U. (TX)--Females  (56%), Males (44%)
    Elizabeth City State U. (NC)--Females (62%), Males (38%)
    Fayetteville State U. (NC)--Females (63%), Males (37%)
    Delaware State U. (DE)--Females (57%), Male (43%)
    N. Carolina Central U. (NC)--Females (64%), Male (36%)
    Norfolk State U. (VA)--Females (63%), Males (37%)

    Morehouse College (GA)--ALL MALE
    Spelman College (GA)--ALL FEMALE
    Bennett College (NC)--ALL FEMALE

    Telling notes:

    At a City University of New York college (Medgar Evers College)
    where the black enrollment is 87%, it's Females (78%) and Males (22%).

    At the University of the District Of Columbia, where the black enrollment is 76%, it's Females (62%) and Males (38%).

    The BE founder believes the projected black female/male numbers are probably going to get much worse in the years to come. My guess, too, is that our stats at the Predominately White Institutions (PWIs) are less encouraging (worse) than we are seeing above.

    (BE created this list using data reported in the 2003 edition of America's Best Colleges/US News & World Report)

              Black Men In Prison? Black Men In College?
                                    More Bad News

    Following note is from the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, Weekly Bulletin, June 26, 2003.

    In 1999, the latest year for which complete data is available, there were 603,000 African-American men enrolled in higher education in the United States. This was up 24 percent during the decade of the 1990s.

    At the same time, in 1999, there were 757,000 black men incarcerated in federal, state, and local prisons. Therefore there were 25 percent more black men in prison in the United States than were enrolled in institutions of higher education.

    During the 1990s the gap between higher education enrollments and prison inmates grew substantially. In 1990 there were 485,000 black men enrolled in higher education and 508,800 black men in jail. In 1990 the gap was less than 5 percent.

                              Scholarship Basics
                    Black Excel Offers a Major Tip

    Our response is relevant to all situations. -Isaac Black, editor

    Q: I am a pre-med student in my junior year. Do you know of any sites that list scholarships for pre-med students of color? Any leads will be appreciated.

    A: Here's a tip! For a pre-med student with a strong record, there is absolutely no need to limit yourself to searching for "scholarships for pre-med students of color."  In fact, that's a tactical mistake.  You would be better off attacking a general scholarship list (any major) because there are far more of those scholarships available.  Not only that, strong pre-med students of color or otherwise, you can win those scholarships, A, B, C.

    In the Black Excel African American Student's College Guide, I explain the "real deal," if you know what I mean.  You'll learn what to do, and why. I tell you how to approach the scholarship sweepstakes, period, step by step.

    Many of our students mistakenly target a specific major, and only that.  In a nutshell, they narrow their pool of money opportunities.  Then, when they can't find that pre-med, pre-law, engineering, chess, art scholarship to apply for, they give up.  Or they apply, and they discover that those high-powered specific-scholarship lists attract the strongest competition.  I can tell you that they are the hardest to win.  Hey, you go after the "gems," but you've got to strategize, and use all the smarts you have when you review possibilities.

    There are, really, thousands upon thousands of scholarships for good and talented students...and that's your gold mine!!  Start applying to those...with all the skill, talent, and energy you can muster.

    Again, whatever you do, don't overlook look those "all majors" lists.  Good luck and best wishes.

                    100-Plus Minority Scholarship List
                            Created by Black Excel

    The Black Excel 100+ scholarship list (we created) is being presented at the websites of over 130 college- and scholarship-related websites.  Indeed, the BE website is linked to over 2,000 websites across the nation.

                   Praise For Black Excel (A Sampling)

    "This is a superior resource for African-American Children."  -Take Stock In Children, Inc.

    "A great site for African-American resources." -St. Mary's High School, St. Louis, Missouri

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