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                                        December, 2003

    The Black Excel African American Student's College Guide is on sale at for $13.96. "This book will have a rallying impact on our aspiring college students."  -Isaac Black,  Black Excel Founder and Author


    1) Rate Your Professors: A New Website
    (2) Black College Tour (Stafford NAACP Youth Council)
    (3) 2004 Black College Tour (Caring for Young Minds, Inc.)
    (4) Clark Atlanta's Financial Woes Trouble Supporters
    (5) Jones-Higginbottom Black College Tour 2004
    (6) Historical Black College Tour (Gibbs Travel)
    (7) William E. Edwards Annual College Tour, Inc.
    (8) DC COLLEGE TOUR (Ultimate Tours, Inc.)
    (9) Urban Leadership Institute College Tour

               Rate Your Professors: A New Website

    If you go to www.RateMyProfessors, you can comment on and/or evaluate your professors.  Black Excel has reviewed this website and finds it to be interesting and (possibly) a helpful guide/tool for students.  When we looked, more than 283,000 professors had been reviewed, covering over 3,600 schools.  A few examples of colleges included are Georgetown, Boston College, and even HBCUs like Howard (96 teachers reviewed), Hampton (33), and North Carolina A&T (50 teachers).  Students rate "overall quality" of teaching, helpfulness, and more.  A sample comment: "She is the best teacher in the whole world.  She's caring, compassionate, and giving." Readers should understand that no site like this can be foolproof or the final word on any teacher's impact or lack thereof. It's simply another useful resource to consider.  Professors are rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest score of effectiveness in all categories.

                                 Black College Tour
                        Stafford NAACP Youth Council
                              April 13-15, 2004 (Virginia-based)

    The Stafford NAACP Youth Council is sponsoring a Black College Tour.  It's for 3 days (charter bus) and 2 nights in North Carolina.  The cost is $90.00 (not including the price of meals).  The HBCUs to be visited include: Virginia Union, Virginia State, North Carolina Central. North Carolina A&T, Winston Salem. Norfolk State, and Hampton.  Proof of medical insurance required.  Four students will be assigned per room.  Deposit of $40.00 due by Dec. 31, 2003.  Final payment due March 10, 2004.  The date of an info session in VA has passed, so please call Debra Wilson at 540-659 -1609 for updates and help. Email:

                                2004 Black College Tour
                             Caring for Young Minds, Inc.
                                    April 5-9, 2004 (Maryland-based)

    This six annual tour of HBCUs is designed to change lives, lift hearts, restore love, and stimulate interest in higher education. Nine HBCUs in 4 different states are the focus of the tour. The schools include: NCCU North Carolina Central, Hampton, Howard; Bowie State, Delaware State, U. of Maryland at Eastern Shore, Cheyney State, Lincoln, and Norfolk. For info write to Lawrence Williams, 3301 Penfold Drive, Baltimore, MD 21207.

      Clark Atlanta's Financial Woes Trouble Supporters

    Recently (Oct. 17, 2003), Clark Atlanta University's trustees axed five academic programs to offset a "$7.5 million shortfall." The cuts included Library Studies, the Department of Engineering, Allied Health Professions, and a Systems Science Ph.D. program.  In the summer, Paschal's Restaurant (a major dining hall) was closed.  One 112 administrative positions have been eliminated, with more cuts expected.
    According to university president Walter Broadnax, “critical actions” had to be taken to ensure the university's long-term survival. The overall financial picture doesn't look good. For more details, go to:

    Black Excel note: While the above information is troubling to HBCU supporters, we also have to report that the board that oversees the state's higher education will investigate the finances of Florida A&M University, where the school's books are off by $1.8 million. It's another crisis!

             Jones-Higginbottom Black College Tour 2004
                    April 19-26, 2004 (Dorester Mass.- based)

    This tour is sponsored by the Bibleway Christian Center located at 200 Washington Street, Dorchester MA 02121. Plans are to visit 17  Historically Black Colleges. For more information, contact Margaret Higginbottom or Diane Blackwell at 617-825-9852.

              Historical Black College Tour (Gibbs Travel)
              June 6 to June 15, 2004 (Houston, Texas-based)

    Gibbs Travel is sponsoring its 11th annual "Historical Black College Tour." The purpose of this tour is to introduce 10th- and 11th-grade students to colleges and universities and to give them an opportunity to look at black colleges and universities as a possible choice for higher education. For contact and extra info: Gibbs Travel Service at (713) 748-2242.

              William E. Edwards Annual College Tour, Inc.
                               April 18-24, 2004 (for students)
                    July 12-14, 2004 (for students and parents)
                                         (Stamford, CT-based)

    WEE-ACT will sponsor 2 college tours in 2004. One will be for students, as noted above, and one will be for parents.  The WEE-ACT's 15TH Annual Tour will include stops at Tuskegee, Winston-Salem State, Clark Atlanta, Spelman, Morehouse, Benedict, South Carolina State, Claflin, Shaw, and St. Augustine.  Students will also visit historical landmarks like the Martin Luther King Non-Violence Center, The Underground, and the World of Coca-Cola.

    The Students/Parent Mini-Tour (3 days, 2 nights) will visit 6 HBCUs. Families will meet/speak with admissions, aid, and other staff members. The HBCUs: Delaware State, Hampton, Norfolk State, and Howard. Also, there'll be a visit to the Black in Wax Museum.  For cost and other info, email Angela Edwards, Pres/CEO at  Address: William E. Edwards Annual College Tour, Inc./P.O. Box 113343 Stamford, CT 06911.

                                 DC COLLEGE TOUR
                                         Ultimate Tours, Inc.
                                            Date: Feb. 18, 2004
                                       (Washington, DC-based)

    Get a glimpse of your future at one of Washington, DC's prestigious colleges! This tour will visit George Washington University, American University, Georgetown University, Catholic University, and Howard University. Date: 2/18/04, Wednesday 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Cost: $29.00 per person. Sponsor: ULTIMATE TOURS, INC., 2000 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 302, Washington, DC 20008. Call 202-234-5478;
    or fax: 202-234-5179 for details.

                Urban Leadership Institute College Tour
                       April 4-5, 2004 (Maryland-based)

    The tour is a 2 day/1-night tour, costing $250.  It takes place during the Baltimore City and County School District break. The fee includes guided campus tours, meals, and visits to several historical and cultural attractions. Colleges include Bowie State, Howard, Cheyney, Lincoln, and Temple U. Students must pay $70 (non-refundable) by Jan. 10, 2004. Checks to Urban Leadership Institute. For more info,  contact Regina Salliey, Tour Coordinator, at (410) 339-4630 or email her at Mailing address: 28 Allegheny Ave.,Suite 503/Towson, MD 21204. Site at

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